Setting up a domain for your server

In this guide, we would be showing you how you could use domains for both Minecraft : Java and Bedrock edition.

I would be using Namecheap as the domain registar in this tutorial, however it should be relatively the same

Firstly, head to your registrar website. In my case namecheap Under accounts -> domain list, find the domain you would like to use and click on manage. then, click on dns or advance dns

You should see something like this on namecheap
You would now want to click on add new record

Continue below for Minecraft Java Continue here for Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Java Edition

Select the SRV record

If you did it correctly, you would then see this

For service, you would want to fill it in as _minecraft For protocol you would want to fill it in as _tcp For target you would want to fill it in as the domain and the subdomain so I would be using For Priority set that as 0 For weight, set that as 5 For port you would need to insert your port of your server. So let's head to the panel Find the server. I'll be using this

now you would see the IP followed by the colon which is the port. In my case, it is 25648

For TTL set it to automatic

you should have something like this

Then save your changes.

Now you would want to make an A Record.

For the host, you would want to set that to the subdomain of your target

in my case mine was so I would use the subdomain mc

IP address is the IP address of your server

You should now have something like this

Save your changes. This can take up to 24 hours


Minecraft Bedrock edition

For bedrock edition, this is relatively simple

You would need to add a new A Record.

Under host, if I want it to be, I would need to set that as play Under IP Address, set that to your server ip address which you can find it like so

Go to the panel Now find the server

here's mine

Now you would want to copy the address and paste it in.

Make sure there isn't a :12345

Then, you would want to set ttl as automatic

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