Server Management - Managing Sub Users

This article will explain to you about sub users, and show you how to manage them.

You should only give sub user to people you can trust.

What is a Sub User

Sub user is a method of granting someone controlled access to manage your server, without sharing account credentials.

Why Would You Want To Have Sub Users

Having multiple sub users can allow staff members to take immediate action without the server owner's presence.

Since the server owner can't always be online, it would be beneficial to have staff members that can take care of the server while they are away. For example:

  • In an event of a plugin caused duplication glitch is discovered, it would be ideal if a staff member could immediately shut the server down.

  • In an event of a plugin caused performance issue that would render the server unresponsive, it would be necessary to have game panel access to be able to perform a server restart to fix everything.

Where Can I Manage Sub Users

Make sure you are at the home screen
  • Secondly, find the server you want to manage.

Let's pick this for example
  • Proceed to click on Manage.

  • Then navigate to Management -> Users.

Manage Users Window
  • Here you can: Add new sub user, view sub users you previously authorized and edit or revoke their permissions.

  • The rest of this article will assume you are starting in this window.

How To Add A Sub User

To add a new sub user, click Add New Subuser.

Add New User Window
  • You will need to know their email to add them as a sub user.

  • For example: lets assign someone permission to manage the server's console and power.

  • First, click on Power Management to reveal the dropdown menu relating to Power Management.

  • Second, tick all the options you see under Power Management.

User with all Power Management permissions
  • Now this is just an example to get you started, all the permissions are documented with descriptions below them.

You can also click Select All to grant all permission or Select None to remove all and redo it Once you are done with the selection, remember to click Add New SubUser to actually add them

  • Once they are added, they will receive an email notifying them, to set up their account, and they now have access to your server

If they didn't receive it, you should ask them to check their junk mail, it might be caught in the spam filters.

How To Manage Sub User

  • Let's say now you have added a sub user and wish to change their permission.

  • You can manage it by clicking Configure Permissions.

List of users with access
  • You can edit the user's permission following the same instruction above in "How To Add A Sub User".

  • Once you are done with the selection, remember to click Update SubUser to actually save the changes.

How To Revoke Sub User

  • Let's say now you have added a sub user and wish to revoke their permission.

List of users with access
  • You can revoke it by clicking Revoke.

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