How to use the server importer

In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to use the server importer in the panel

This would only work if you have a host that has FTP or SFTP

These Hosts are NOT supported.

  • BisectHosting

  • NodeCraft


These hosts upload speeds are too slow and they often block our IP addresses for using too much download. Thank you for understanding. If you have a server that needs to be migrated from one of these hosts please open a ticket or LiveChat and provide us with the information there.

For this tutorial I'll be moving from my current node NYC 6 to LA 2 which has just released at the point I'm writing this with the help of multiservers

This may take a few minutes, hours, or days depending on the host upload speed

Firstly, I'll be choosing my server Then, Head to Management -> Importer

Now, you would see something like this

Now, I'll need to get my old server SFTP details. For our panel, it is located at System -> SFTP

Witherhosting SFTP password is your game panel password and not your billing panel password

Now, I'll enter the SFTP details on the server importer

Make sure the details are correct else, you'll get an error

Took me about 1 minute since I had 100MB of data.

Transferring servers over 15GB may take up to 1DAY due to the number of files.

If your server is over 15GB we request that you please purchase the Migration add-on with your service or ask for it. It costs $3 one time and we will move the server for you OR you can create a ZIP or TAR.GZ file at your old server provider and upload it to WitherHosting using SFTP

Now let's check our files my visiting Management -> Files

Success! It has been imported

This article is created by provsalt, a member of the WitherHosting community.