How to update your server to the latest version

In this tutorial I would be showing you how update your server to the latest version.

Solution 1: Reinstalling

Firstly locate your server on the home page of the panel

As you can see, my server software (pocketmine) is telling me that it is out of date

Next, Head to the management tab

You should see something like this.

Locate the file

Click on the three dots

Now, proceed to click the download button

it should prompt you that you're downloading

Then, you would want to navigate to the System tab and press the reinstall button

It'll now prompt you if you were sure. This will not delete any of your worlds / plugins

This will take 1-2 minutes. Contact support if it takes longer then usual

Don't worry no data is reset while performing a re-install. The "" needs to be downloaded because it is the only file that gets reset.

Now find the server again and click on manage

After starting the server, it shows that it has been updated

Now, go to the management tab -> files Then, find the file

Click on the blue button
Click on delete, and confirm.

Now, upload the you downloaded earlier

make sure you select the right file and it is named the same

Now you can start your server!

Solution 2: Uploading your own server software files

You can always change the server software file like the server.jar / Pocketmine.phar with a simple download from their release pages. Just make sure you download the right file.