How to install Addons on Bedrock Vanilla Servers

How to install to your PC

  1. Download the behavior pack you'd like to use - it should be a file with a ".mcpack" or ".mcaddon" extension.

  2. Once you have downloaded the pack, open Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on your PC.

  3. Once the game has opened, leave it running in the background and locate your downloaded behaviour pack.

  4. Double click on the downloaded file to install the pack on the game

How to get the pack to work on your server

The quickest and easiest way to get your pack working on the server is to create the world you intend to use on single-player first, and then import it onto your server.

  1. Open up Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

  2. Select play, and create a new world.

  3. In this menu, you can adjust the settings for your world as required.

  4. Along the left hand side of the screen, you'll see the "Add-ons" menu. Click on "Resource

  5. Packs" and "Behavior Packs" and select your chosen addons.

  6. Press "Activate" and then create your world.

How to upload your new world onto your server

  1. Log in to your panel. Game Panel

  2. Stop your server if it is currently running. This prevents the server from creating any new files or modifying existing ones.

  3. Once your server is stopped go to the filemanagement tab.

  4. Go to your worlds folder and delete everything inside.

  5. Now you'll have to find the folder for your Minecraft Windows 10 world file. Open your documents folder and in the path bar put copy and paste C:\Users\(your pc username)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds

remember to replace the username part with your own PC username.

6. The folders with seemingly random names are your world folders from your game client. You can find which is which by opening the folder and clicking on the "levelname" text file, which will open notepad and show you the name of the world save. 7. Once you know you have the right folder, right click it and ZIP the folder. You can use 7-ZIP or WinRar or Just windows default "Send to compressed folder" options to ZIP the file.

8. Once you have Zipped the world you can upload it to your server. 9. Once it is finished uploading, refresh the page and click the 3 dots and choose "Decompress" 10. The world should now be able to play, make sure if the world name is not "Bedrock Level" that you set the correct level-name in the file.