How to find and use the WitherHosting LiveChat

The LiveChat can be found on the WitherHosting website on the main page in the lower righthand corner. The livechat is the blue speech bubble icon.

If your unable to see the live chat it could be for a variety of reasons including but not limited too.

  • -It takes a few moments to appear

(Just be patient, it could take a minute)

  • -Support may not be online at that moment

(They have lives too)

  • -Your WIFI Administrator may be blocking that feature

(This is especially common on a work or school computer)

  • -The Feature may have bugged out

(Try reloading the page)

Using the LiveChat tool is as simple as clicking the icon and leaving a message detailing your question or concern. With a no bot staff answering your questions and concerns, you'll receive personalized support from one of our talented staff members. Please refrain from pinging any staff on the discord as repetitively doing this can get you warned or banned.

Please keep in mind various staff members live in different time zones but not every time zone. Response may be instant or could be hours depending on how busy the LiveChat is at that time. Your question will be answered eventually however if it has been a full day without a response, you can simply ask in our discord.