Configuring Your Plan

In this guide, we'll explain how to configure your plan.
  • To start, make sure you have read Finding Your Plan and are currently on the configuration page.

The screen you are currently on should look like this.
  • If you want to change your billing cycle from quarterly to monthly and vice versa, select the dropdown that says "Choose Billing Cycle" and select the price that suits your budget.

The image above shows a dropdown that contains both monthly and quarterly prices.
  • Once you have selected a billing cycle, choose a server software. Running a Bedrock server? Choose NukkitX, PocketMine, or Vanilla Bedrock. We recommend going with PocketMine as it is the most optimized on our hardware. Making a Java Edition server? Paper is the place to go!

The image above shows a dropdown that contains all game types our Minecraft plans support
  • You now need to select any addons you might need. If you need a hand with plugins or server migration for your server, you should consider ordering an addon.


The image above shows all the addons we currently support for Minecraft plans.

You're now ready to checkout! Click the big blue button that says "Continue" and follow the directions on our article on Checking Out!

The order summary is shown in the image above.